We send our donors once a year an email and ask them to become members. The email contains a link with a contact checksum that directly leads them to a contribution page, where they can select their membership and do the payments.

And our existing members we send a similar email and ask them to renew.

Both pages generate an email receipt using the template Memberships - Receipt (on-line) Is it possible to make a difference between the new and the already active members?

The CiviCRM version is 4.7.26.

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In the smarty template the variable $mem_status is assigned. So it can be used to insert different text fragments in the template. Here is an example in code.

 {if $mem_status eq 'New'}
 Hello, you seem to be new so this is the text fragment for new members.
 Welcome back - not new - so here is an active member text fragment.

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