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Billing info becomes primary

We are using CiviCRM 5.58.1 on WordPress 6.2 We use the iATS extension for credit card payments. The issue is if someone purchases a membership via the iATS form, their billing address becomes the ...
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No address marked as Primary

I need to pull a list of members who has no primary address ticked. Has anyone any idea on how I can do this? When our data came over from our old membership system it took over the addresses but ...
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Feature request: Make search more forgiving and spaces after comma and non-primary emails

Two longstanding inconvenient issues about the search: it does not locate non-primary emails (see attached) if you fail to place a space between the lastname, firstname it will not return any results ...
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Search view profile to show only the primary phone number

Is there a way to set up a search view profile so that it shows the primary phone number for a contact regardless of what type of phone it is? When setting up this profile, I am required to indicate ...
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Setting primary email and phone upon contact update

We want to update a bunch of contacts with e-mail adresses and phone numbers, for which previously these did not exist. The import works fine, as a result the contacts now have a Home (for example) e-...
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How do I email to two addresses on an individual without Civi creating a new record for the second email address?

I've read everything I can. I know you can bulk mail to non-primary email addresses. I know I can split contacts up into "Ann" and "Bob" rather than "Ann and Bob", but unfortunately it is far better ...
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Can only Primary Members renew a membership?

We have a membership type where the relationship type is specified as "Spouse of", with the idea that this would be how we implement a Family Membership. However it seems that only the contact who is ...
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