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I am creating a new contribution page but am stuck because it keeps saying a supporter profile is mandatory

I am on http://civicrm.test/civicrm/admin/contribute/pcp trying to create a supporter profile solely because the form doesn't seem to want to save unless I do so. I have put "supporter profile&...
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Is there a Donate Now type button that I can just plug into my drupal site?

I am interested in creating a donate button that can be used on drupal8 as well as if someone wanted to add it to their own site. I saw
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Simple Donate error

I'm trying to use the Simple Donate extension on my website, and I keep getting an error that says "One of parameters (value: ) is not of the type Integer" I've tried deleting, uninstalling & ...
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Can IATS be used with Simple Donate Extension? - SOLVED

****ISSUE RESOLVED. SEE COMMENTS BELOW**** We are using Civi 5.1 on WordPress 4.9.7 A month ago, we switched our payment processor to IATS which we really like. Now we would like to simplify our ...
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zero s after the decimal in simple donate

Hi I am using CiviCrm 5 on wordpress, donation amounts displayed with zeros floating points after the decimal for example 25.00000000 instead of 25 Is there any solution?
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Simple Donation's donation amounts display incorrectly [duplicate]

I just installed the extension Simple Donate to try it out. When I view the donation page generated it looks like this, with lots of decimal points on the donation amounts (my normal donation page ...
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Why are my simple donate pages throwing an error?

I am using latest Simple Donate on D7 with Civicrm 4.7.29. I get this error when I go to the contribution page configured for Simple Donate: Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in ...
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Show the CiviCRM simple donate form on Drupal static page or node.

I am using Simple Donate version 1.2 I am trying to integrate 'simple donate' extension for drupal page and/or block. I have tried it by initializing civicrm in custom block. CiviCRM is getting ...
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how to add a Pledge to contact

Hi, How do I add a Pledge to contact so that he may view & pay pledges thru the self-service payments page?
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Huge Buttons with Simple Donate

I tried simple donate extension on my Civi 4.6/Wordpress/Stripe install to mix things up. It seems that the buttons are way too large for some reason. Anyone have a suggestion on fixing?
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Donation/Contribution Page Best Practices

Are there examples of Donation/Contribution Pages that have been created with CiviCRM or Drupal Web Form that you think work well? Are there advantages of creating it with CiviCRM or Drupal Web Forms?...
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Simple Donate Form Extension - what is path for front end - joomla

This is with CiviCRM 4.6.8 on Joomla 3.4.3. I successfully installed the Simple Donate Form Extension and it works from within CiviCRM Dashboard, ie, Admin menu settings, CiviContribute menu Test/...
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