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Make sure you have 'Pay Later' Column set to 1 and Status column set to 'Pending' for the contribution rows that are pending from pay later. If you don't have status column that its set as Completed by default


Hi I can confirm the same behaviour. We are on Drupal 7, CiviCRM 5.19.4 and the problem is that the Billing address profile seems to be ignored for the dedupe rules. You must create a new profile with all fields needed for dedupe rule and include it in page. The billing address name and first name is not used.


The upgrade or install script was suppose to create frontend_title field in civicrm_uf_group table. Did you get any error while doing upgrade or install? To fix you will need to manually add the 'frontend_title' field to the table by running below sql query. ALTER TABLE `civicrm_uf_group` ADD `frontend_title` VARCHAR(64) NULL DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Profile ...


I was able to add this to the bottom of the alterDisplay in the Recur.php file to change the Campaign Id to the Campaign Title.


Only PayPal can tell you the reasons for an account limitation and the steps required to resolve it. PCI stands for "Payment Card Industry", and is a standards body that Visa and MasterCard and other payment card providers are part of. They created a set of standards that merchants must meet to be compliant. PayPal does not validate, and is not responsible ...

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