just discovered that 'Clean URLS' weren't activated ie the code checking for it wasn't in my config as described here: https://docs.civicrm.org/sysadmin/en/latest/integration/wordpress/clean-urls/ so i had to add it manually and everything works fine now.


Welcome to CiviCRM SE. I think you should find all this in the docs at https://docs.civicrm.org/user/en/latest But quick answer is, in the back end, select Manage Events in the Events menu. They select Configure for the event in question. Should be obvious from there...


The event template field in New/Update Event should display more than 100 options in the drop down, provided they need to be active to be listed.


I stumbled on this issue on CiviCRM 5.44 sites on WordPress, and the issue was that the site did not have "Clean URLs" enabled, since it was using an old civicrm.settings.php. Make sure that the civicrm.settings.php has this bit of code: if (!defined('CIVICRM_CLEANURL')) { if ( function_exists('variable_get') && variable_get('...

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