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Add event triggers doesn't work (Civirules)

I will repeat the suggestion from Mick Kahn as an answer. The event in itself is not linked with a contact. The link between event and contact is with participant. So the trigger Event is Added will ...
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Is it safe to assign "Edit all events" to non-admin users?

For Drupal 9/10, you need to add an event handler, something like function mymodule_entity_type_build(&$entity_info) { if (isset($entity_info['civicrm_event'])) { $entity_info['civicrm_event'...
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HTML in Confirmation Screen Introductory Text

If you change escape in this line to purify, does that fix it: https://github.com/civicrm/civicrm-core/commit/e33e2dee8fb57eac6a068629ec5224ab9d3576c4#diff-...
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Ideas for implementing Cloudflare Turnstile in forms?

This would need an extension to be written. However, if you haven't tried it yet, you may want to try the Form Protection extension, since it uses ReCAPTCHA v3 as well as other bot protection ...
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Online Event Registration - Guests vs. Members

We trigger a modal popup, which opens some seconds after the users click on the event registration-button, asking them to login, if they alredy have an account, in order to shorten the process. The ...
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Online Event Registration - Guests vs. Members

We have provided text messages on every event info and registration form for anonymous users to log in if they already have an account. Also in some cases, we have checked for email addresses just ...
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