I fixed this by disabling the Bootstrap theme and then re-enabling it. Other users had also had this problem, usually involving Shoreditch and/or Bootstrap.


we support a client doing Tour stuff for a theatre company. we/they manage their process via Activities and (drupal) webforms. so someone makes an enquiry, that creates an activity with custom field storing all the necessary goodies. since it sounds like you are not dealing with the registrations perhaps consider this approach rather than Events or Bookings


You could use JetPack or another widget visibility plugin to prevent showing the page in the footer when you're on the CiviCRM Base Page. EDIT: The following code prevents CiviCRM from overriding the content a second time: add_action( 'civicrm_basepage_parsed', 'my_civicrm_disable_content_filter' ); function my_civicrm_disable_content_filter() { // Once ...

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