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How to send a notification email to a group when a form is submitted

If you create a CiviRule or scheduled reminder to trigger when an activity is created, and then the values you cannot include directly (like the CiviGrant), you could include as a link to the contact ...
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Restricting editing and deleting an activity

You would need to do that in a custom extension. The Activity Type ACL may be useful for some example code, though it's a lot more complicated than what you need, provides a lot of stuff you don't ...
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Restricting editing and deleting an activity

Please have a look at the extension Activity Type ACL. Gitlab-site HERE
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How can I use CiviRules to update case status based on age of case (set to inactive or similar)

This is old but I was having the same problem and found the solution (at least for the "Activity is added" trigger. Using the "Case activity is added" trigger works with the action ...
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Add event triggers doesn't work (Civirules)

I will repeat the suggestion from Mick Kahn as an answer. The event in itself is not linked with a contact. The link between event and contact is with participant. So the trigger Event is Added will ...
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