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From your backtrace it looks like, you have a activity of type payment or refund that is suppose to have link to contribution in civicrm_activity.source_record_id which is unfortunately set as NULL.


For the first question you can go to Administer - System Settings - Safe File Extensions and add .ods to the list there. For the second one is $value['name'] actually a string or is it an array?


Same happened to me. On installing new test CiviCRM under WordPress. The "CiviCRM Contribution Page Widget" plugin caused same error. Civi 5.27.1, WP 5.4.2, php 7.2.24 on ubuntu 20.04 LTS


I had the same, the table was missing, I added it using CREATE TABLE `civicrm_status_pref` ( `id` int unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT COMMENT 'Unique Status Preference ID', `domain_id` int unsigned NOT NULL COMMENT 'Which Domain is this Status Preference for', `name` ...


So @demerit gave me the clue here. Several log_civicrm_xxx tables were corrupted before the upgrade (i.e. in my existing database), and log_civicrm_msg_template had some kind of corruption that caused it to disconnect the entire DB when mySQL tried to access it - even just CHECK TABLE flaked out, let alone OPTIMIZE. Since I don't really care about the ...


Try turning logging off (administer - system settings - misc) and then doing the upgrade and then turning logging back on again. It seems like the log table definitions/triggers are getting out of sync for some reason.

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