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Recommend using Caldera Forms CiviCRM, This is currently the most flexible and easiest way to implement CiviCRM integrated forms on a WordPress website.


I just submitted a PR to the GDPR extension which provides a new shortcode to display the GDPR preferences on a page, see That's what we use for providing users with an option of viewing and updating their preferences. For all other CiviCRM form-related integration on WordPress, we use ...


I'm wondering if using a webform might be a better solution. You could have a paginated webform using webform civicrm, that gets the data into CiviCRM. Then on the webform adnaced, do a redirect to the Drupal registration form with the email address prefilled using the Drupal Prepopulate module.


UPDATE: All the admin forms have now been made available for translation but they aren't all in transifex yet because it only has strings up to version 5.22 as of today and the latest changes will be in 5.23. So it may be a few months before they'll be available in transifex for translation. A while ago the admin forms settings started to get moved to a ...

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