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Some general information is at but in an established install like yours you might need to poke around a bit and it will be specific to that install. First, make a backup and do any fixing on a copy first just in case. Then for your install it sounds like ...


Thanks to @petednz-fuzion, solution was very simple: install the Related permissions extension which is already included in CiviCRM extensions and that you can add from : Set the parameters the way you need at: Select the relationship type you need to set Scroll down to ...


You should be able to do this with the reltoken extension.


Welcome to StackExchange Helen! I am not aware of any core function that can do what you want. With a little bit of coding or manual work (import/export) you could try an approach like this: Create custom fields for the individuals that can hold organisation information Create a skript or use an extension like SQL-Tasks or CiviRules that copies all ...

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